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Multi-tasking is task-switching

Today, rocking through the daily to-do list, I felt like was multitasking like a maniac, getting things done. Despite the happy flow, I had to remind myself that when it comes to attention, true multitasking is impossible. Yes, it’s true. Neuroscientists have known for years that the … Continue reading

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Papa’s advice to writers

“Listen now. When people talk listen completely. Don’t be thinking what you’re going to say. Most people never listen. Nor do they observe. You should be able to go into a room and when you come out know everything that … Continue reading

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Sporting the Quora fleece

I’m pleased to say I was selected for the second year in a row as a Top Writer at Quora, a social site for writing questions and answers about anything crossing your mind, from how to use an abacus to whether zebras … Continue reading

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Professional development at Stack

As a tech-oriented professional, one of the most efficient time-investments you can make is to join a community or two at Stack Exchange, a collection of topic-specific Q&A sites. Joining a Stack community is one professional development activity that doesn’t require … Continue reading

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Joining the ranks of top writers on Quora

Okay, so it’s not the Booker Prize, but it’s still incredibly cool to be named one of Quora’s top writers for 2012. Thanks, guys! To be precise, I’m one of 493 individuals recognized for being hopelessly compelled to write about … Continue reading

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Not-so-secret source: the /sci/ guide

If you’re an English major writing about science and technology, it helps to have some secrets up your sleeve. My favorite source for science information is an old-style, World Wide Web goldmine and one of the best kept secrets on … Continue reading

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3 ways blogging builds your focus

As a professional (and lifestyle) communicator,  I happily embrace social media. Facebook and Twitter offer live streams of info, conversations with old and new friends, colleagues, experts, book reviewers, and wow, social media gurus. (Hey look, a squirrel!) But surprise. Serious … Continue reading

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