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Camping in the dunes, my kids and I read and sat and talked outside, ate by a fire, lazed in the sun, dove into waves, slept on the ground. We agreed on the important things: food, shoes, paths to hike, the distance from the site to … Continue reading

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Lord love a weather-troll

In the Midwest, we love to brag about our terrible weather. When I was a storm newbie, gawking out the windows at dark skies and thunder, workmates trolled me with stories about “hail the size of cantaloupes.” I totally believed … Continue reading

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Switching SoMe loyalties? Here’s how it happens

I open the email. “Marti, you have notifications pending on Facebook.” It’s a hushed, chipper, female voice, reminding me, a wayward user, of all the “activity” I’m missing. “Hmm,” I think. “Maybe s’more Image of the Day link bait?” I pause. … Continue reading

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