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6 flicks to make Barb smile

I recently realized my friend Barbara has been watching too much Serious Cinema. To remedy this, I’ve compiled a short list of comedies for her, each one a script for the best medicine: laughter. Raising Arizona, Joel and Ethan Coen (1987) … Continue reading

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Testing a free tool for improving headlines

The headline for this post registers relatively high — 57.14% — on the Emotional Marketing Value scale, a measure calculated by the Advanced Marketing Institute. (Most copywriter headlines register between 30% and 40%, says the AMI.) Intriguingly, the AMI promises that … Continue reading

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Gaming my goals

For me, one of the most satisfying things about completing a task is checking it off my list. (“Ha! Another!”) I’ve tried a handful of productivity apps — merely so I could experience the pleasure of creating lists and checking off the items, which somehow quantifies my … Continue reading

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Mini review: Top corporate home pages

I nominate Time Warner as one of the best corporate web pages: (See  Time Warner Inc.) As a web communications professional, I am picky and (perhaps) somewhat idiosyncratic in my website aesthetic. In my eyes, 95% of all corporate websites are incredibly ugly. … Continue reading

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Professional development at Stack

As a tech-oriented professional, one of the most efficient time-investments you can make is to join a community or two at Stack Exchange, a collection of topic-specific Q&A sites. Joining a Stack community is one professional development activity that doesn’t require … Continue reading

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Fun & fancy text formatting

An enjoyable new app I’ve discovered is Recite. I use it to create catchy, one-line, online posters. For instance: Type in a quote or slogan. Choose a template. Download or share the resulting graphic. It’s quick-and-dirty and impossible to customize. Still, … Continue reading

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Google+ Communities: more fun than Facebook

What do you get when you cross Usenet newsgroups with G+ circles? Google+ communities. Unlike G+ circles, which are free-form groups of loosely associated people and topics, communities are more structured, like those old Usenet forums. Communities have moderators, who can set … Continue reading

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